BRITISH PAINTERS. Lesson. Suggested level — B1

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BRITISH PAINTERS. Lesson. Suggested level — B1

During the 18th and 19th centuries, young members of the British upper classes broadened their education with the Grand Tour of continental Europe. They encountered a sophisticated level of artistic achievement that influenced their tastes as art patrons. To ensure similarly high standards in Britain, the Royal Academy was founded in London in 1769. Its first president was Sir Joshua Reynolds, a brilliant painter of lively and elegant portraits as well as an influential lecturer/author whose Discourses authoritatively addressed many aesthetic topics — including the preeminence of history painting. Royal Academicians and American ex-patriots Benjamin West and John Singleton Copley became celebrated as memorializers of the recent past. John Martin, around the same time, created dramatic, multifigured, biblical panoramas.



  • to make pupils acquainted with the biographies of famous British painters;
  • to practice the vocabulary on the topic;
  • to train pupils speaking, listening and reading skills;
  • to revise types of conditional sentences;
  • to develop pupils’ memory;
  • to teach them to love art.